Basic Policy

Tera Probe, Inc. will endeavor to provide timely and accurate information disclosure to our stakeholders on the basis of transparency, fairness and continuity, complying with all laws and ordinances as well as the various regulations prescribed by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We will also aim to strengthen our relationship with our stakeholders by proactively disclosing information that we deem conducive to the understanding of our company. We will also make efforts to appropriately disclose information from the viewpoint of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in a timely manner.

Method of Information Disclosure

The disclosure of important facts prescribed such as by laws and ordinances as well as the various regulations set out by the Tokyo Stock Exchange will be implemented via EDINET or TDnet. Such information disclosed via EDINET or TDnet will then immediately be published on our website as well. Furthermore, we will also publicize other information, to which the Timely Disclosure Rules do not apply, through the news media or our website based on the intent of timely disclosure, if such information is deemed conducive to the understanding of our company.

Method of Information Disclosure

The Company will ensure that all of its executives are fully aware of and committed to the basic policy described above, and will ensure their full compliance.

Quiet Period

In order to prevent leakage of financial result information and to ensure fairness, The Company will observe a “quiet period” beginning the day following the last day of each quarter, and ending with the announcement of that quarter’s earnings. During such period, we will not reply to or comment on any questions concerning our results. However, if there is a prospect of significant volatility in the earnings estimates during this quiet period, we will disclose information as appropriate in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules. In addition, we will respond to questions even during the quiet period, if such questions are within the scope of previously publicized information.

Matters Regarding Earnings Estimates and the Future Outlook

Among the information disclosed by the Company , that of outlooks regarding future earnings is based on the information available at the time of the announcements and on certain assumptions that have been judged to be reasonable. Accordingly, our future earnings and other information may change depending on various risks, fluctuations of uncertain factors, changes in economic situations, and so forth.

Inquiries about IR