The semiconductor market is expected to grow steadily in the future as a key device that supports various fields such as IoT, AI, 5G, and autonomous driving. At the same time, we believe that fierce competition between companies in the business will continue as in the past. In such a business environment, the Group aims to improve its corporate value by providing solutions for globally competitive products and responding swiftly and flexibly to various customer needs.

Specifically, we will develop new businesses of cutting-edge products such as AI, 5G, and sensors, in addition to expanding the automotive field, which is expected to continue to increase in volume and requires high quality and high reliability. To that end, we improve customers’ satisfaction and build stronger business relationships with customers by supporting their globalization with the generous support of our group’s engineers, supply chains, and turnkey proposals in both Japan and Taiwan, which has become the world’s center of the semiconductor industry in terms of both production and technology and, furthermore, by promoting R&D activities based on our accumulated technological capabilities and entering customers’ product planning and development stage with attractive technical proposals beyond mere commissioned testing. .
At the same time, we will continue efforts to strengthen our cost competitiveness, such as optimizing the equipment and personnel allocation of the entire Group, and improving the efficiency of operations by utilizing the latest technologies such as AI.

We appreciate your continued understanding and support.

President & Representative Executive Officer

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