Dividends & Returns

Basic Policy

The Company regards the return of profits to shareholders, including the payment of dividends, as its most important management responsibility. The Company’s basic policy is to return profits to shareholders in proportion to earnings while realizing capital investment to strengthen the business base necessary to increase corporate value and achieve a sound financial position.

Dividend Policy and Results

For the time being, the Company’s policy is to determine dividends from retained earnings based on an amount equivalent to 30% of non-consolidated net income, and in the future, based on 30% of consolidated net income (net income attributable to shareholders of the parent company), with the aim of providing a continuous return of profits to shareholders.

■Dividend Results

Accounting Period Dividend per share
Interim Year-end Commemorative and Special Annual Total
Year ended December 31, 2023 0.00 yen 110.00 yen 0.00 yen 110.00 yen
Year ended December 31, 2022 0.00 yen 54.00 yen 0.00 yen 54.00 yen
Year ended December 31, 2021 0.00 yen 17.00 yen 0.00 yen 17.00 yen

Stock Buy-back

Acquisition period Number of shares acquired Total amount of acquisition Method of Acquisition
February 15, 2019
~April 9, 2019
185,000 shares 119,686,300 yen Market purchase on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

※Excluding acquisition based on Article 155, Item 7 of the Companies Act (purchase of odd-lot shares)