Thank you for visiting the Tera Probe website.
Tera Probe provides a wide array of information on its website. Kindly note that there are certain item of information on the site for which the visitor will be requested to enter personal information, such as name and e-mail address, in order to access it.
Rest assured that this personal information is provided with full protection and handled appropriately within Tera Probe.
Details on the personal information protection policies enacted by Tera Probe for the handling of visitor information are provided below.

All personal information is provided by visitors on a voluntary basis.
Note that the personal information provided by visitors includes the agreement that Tera Probe may use said information in accordance with the following policies.

  • 1. Requests for Personal Information

    Visitors to the Tera Probe website will be requested to provide personal information in the following cases.
    Inquiries Regarding Services:
    Visitors will be requested to provide their e-mail addresses so that we can respond to their inquiries and thereby improve our services. All other personal information provided voluntarily will be discarded. Inquiries Regarding Recruitment:
    Visitors submitting inquiries regarding recruitment may be requested to provide their name, gender, age, address and other personal information.

  • 2. Utilization of Personal Information

    Visitors to the Tera Probe website who are requested to provide personal information are hereby informed of the methods in which said information will be used.
    All personal information submitted for “Inquiries Regarding Services” will be used for the purpose of issuing responses to said inquiries and for improving future services.
    All personal information submitted for “Inquiries Regarding Recruitment” will only be used for official tasks related to recruitment. In the event that it becomes necessary to use said information for purposes that exceed the scope of utilization stipulated above, details of these purposes will be announced on the Tera Probe website.
    Visitors who do not agree to utilization of their personal information in accordance with the new purpose are free to withdraw permission for such usage.
    There are cases in which it may be necessary to pass visitors’ personal information across to Tera Probe sub-contractors, but in this event, all information shall be handled in accordance with the policies stipulated herein.

  • 3. Disclosure of Personal Information

    With the exception of the following cases, Tera Probe will not disclose visitors’ personal information to third parties without prior permission.

    • When prior consent has been obtained.
    • When it is deemed appropriate for inquiries to be answered by Tera Probe group companies or affiliated companies. (In this event, the Tera Probe group company or affiliated company in question will be required to manage all personal information in accordance with Tera Probe policies.)
    • When we are obliged to divulge information in accordance with requests issued under the law, court decisions and law enforcement or other public organizations.
    • When information is processed for use in statistical data (number of inquiries for specific products, etc) that cannot be traced back to individuals.
    • When ownership of said information is succeeded by third parties owing to mergers, spin-offs or the transfer of business.
  • 4. Management of Personal Information

    Tera Probe has initiated all reasonable measure to prevent illegal access to, loss, destruction, modification and disclosure of personal information.

  • 5. Accessing, Modifying and Deleting Personal Information

    Requests for access, modification or deletion of personal information managed by Tera Probe that have been issued by the person to whom the information pertains will be dealt with appropriately once Tera Probe has confirmed that the contents of the request have actually been issued by the person in question.

  • 6. Strict Observance of Laws and Regulations Pertaining to Personal Information

    Tera Probe will strictly observe all laws and regulations pertaining to the handling of personal information.

  • 7. Revisions to the “Personal Information Protection on the Tera Probe Website”

    Tera Probe will constantly review and improve the “Personal Information Protection on the Tera Probe Website” to ensure that it is revised expediently in the event of new laws pertaining to the handling of personal information being enacted or existing laws being amended.

  • 8. Personal Information Acquired via the Internet


    There are cases in which cookies are used on the Tera Probe website.
    Cookies are files transferred to computers by web servers for the purpose of identifying that computer.
    These files neither adversely affect nor invade the privacy of said computers.

    ◆Access Logs

    The Tera Probe web server maintains a record of access to the Tera Probe website in the form of an access log.
    This access log contains information on the visitors’ provider name, browser type, the pages accessed, the date of access and other such data, but it does not contain information that can be used to identify the visitor.
    Tera Probe uses the access log for statistical analysis in order to ensure the continued improvement of the services we provide.

  • 9. Personal Information on Linked Websites

    The Tera Probe website contains several links to external sites.
    However, Tera Probe cannot be held responsible for the method in which externally linked sites handle personal information.
    Visitors to externally linked websites are advised to confirm how personal information is handled by each individual site.

  • 10. Inquiries

    Please address all inquiries related to the Tera Probe website’s personal information protection policies to the following: