We provide support in all areas of testing, including selection of equipment, design and development of jigs and tools, and test programming, in order to perform testing according to customer specifications.


  • Selection of
    test equipment

    We will suggest the most suitable test equipment based on the needs and specification of the customer.

  • Design and development of jigs and tools

    We will design and develop probe cards and support the launch of mass production phase according to customer’s specifications. We can also suggest cost reduction plan through working closely with probe card manufacturers and perform evaluation on probe card.

  • Test
    program development

    We can convert customer’s test programs into those according to the specifications of our own tester to make debug more efficient.

  • Test
    pattern development

    We can convert a test pattern provided by our customer into the one suitable for our own tester.

  • On-site
    development support

    We will form a dedicated team to assist customer’s technical development at your premises.
    test program development
    jig and tool design support

We will support our customer’s reduction in wafer test cost through a test program development, and a design of probe card for the customer, utilized our accumulated know-how, an integrated support from evaluation on devices to mass production and a proposal to improve efficiency of testing.

Do you have any request
like the followings?

  • Selection of an optimized tester
    in light of test costs and devices

  • Validation on testers,jigs and tools.
    Validation taking into account

  • Conversion of the program
    into a different tester platform

  • ATE pattern generation
    from design data (STIL, WGL)

  • Improvement of testing efficiency
    (Multiple contacts, shortened test time and yield improvement)

  • Assurance of environment for
    program development

  • Integrated scheme from
    test development to mass production

  • Hourly rental
    of testers

  • Test services of
    ES for shipment

We offer services of test development in a variety of fields.

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