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  • What is Tera Probe's business field?

    We focus on testing services for semiconductors.
    For more information, please refer to the link below.

    Service Introduction

  • When was Tera Probe established?

    We were established in August 2005.
    You can find our “History” at the link below.

    Company Profile/ History

  • Where does the name "Tera Probe" come from?

    “Tera”, a unit representing a trillion, was used as an image of the next stage where the data volume, which was represented by Mega (million) and Giga (billion) at the time of our establishment, would be increasing in the field of electronics and IT including semiconductor industry as the progress of digital technology.

    “Probe” refers to the needle like electrodes that come into contact with the surface of semiconductor wafers during wafer testing, and also represents our business.

    Our company name combines these two words and expresses our concept of always pursuing the cutting edge technology in semiconductor testing and beyond, along with the more probes utilized for the wafer testing and the higher density of semiconductor devices.

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