• Environmental Management

    • Environmental Policy

      Environmental Philosophy
      We will contribute to the realization of a comfortable society and environment where people around the world can fully show their humanity and, respect the natural way of life through seeking technology harmonized with, and production friendly for, the environment.

      Guidelines for action
      We are committed to harmony with the environment as one of its highest management priorities, and each and every member at Tera Probe is committed to preventing environmental pollution and prioritizing environmental friendliness in all of our corporate activities.

      〔Business Initiatives〕
      We will address reduction of CO2 emissions and improvement of its basic unit for energy saving requirements as well as promote resource and energy saving in conformity with environmental protection through pursuing more efficient productivity, product miniaturization and higher performance with its evaluation friendly for environment and safety at the stage of development and design of production line.

      〔Compliance with environmental regulations〕
      We will set voluntary control standard and strive to improve the level of environmental management as well as comply with all applicable national and local regulations for environment.

      We will provide environmental education to all employees to have them improve their environmental awareness, and disclose the environmental activities to our customers, local communities, and all other internal and external stakeholders.

      〔Continuous Improvement〕
      We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable and developed society by establishing an environmental management system, with updating it along with the latest environmental standard, and promoting continuous improvement activities.

    • Environmental Education

      We will conduct environmental education regularly to enhance our employees’ environmental awareness and to improve our environmental conservation activities. We provide our environmental education to all employees via e-learning with a different theme each year, both company-wide and at each site.

      In FY2022:
      Environmental policy, environmental actions, waste sorting for environment, and sustainability activities of semiconductor industry companies

  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

    • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

      We aim for a sustainable society through our energy- and resource-saving activities to reduce burden on the global environment.
      Since we prioritize improvement of efficiency of equipment utilization to reduce greenhouse gas emissions since the semiconductor testing process consumes a lot of electricity for operation of those equipment.
      We are able to reduce power consumption by pursuing efficient operation, such as timely power-off for those equipment as unexpected to be operational under the mid-to-long term production plans obtained in advance in cooperation with our customers.
      As a results of our efforts with a target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the operation of an equipment by 1% by FY2019 based on those in FY2014, we achieved the reduction rate far exceeding 1% in each years.
      Currently, we are working toward our goal to reduce 1% of those by 2024, based on the 2019 results.

    • Main Initiatives

      Increased efficiency of air conditioning units
      We achieved to reduce 27 tons of CO2 emissions annually by changing the power transmission belts from V-belts to flat belts and replacing with high-efficiency motors for air conditioners used in the semiconductor testing process at the Kyushu Operation Center.

      Features of Flat Belts

      Compared to V-belts, the flat belt is thinner and flatter, which reduces bending loss, when it is wrapped around a boulli.

      The wedge effect characteristic of V-belts causes frictional force, which results in energy loss.

      No buckling deformation occurs and the load is applied evenly, which improves electric efficiency and reduces the number of belts.

      Change of air conditioning system in clean room

      We achieved to reduce 177 tons of CO2 emissions annually per floor by installation of the cutting edge next-generation clean room air conditioning system into 3rd and 4th floors of building B at Kyushu Operation Center in 2017.

  • Recycling resources

    • Reuse of water resources

      Ashikita-machi, Kumamoto, where the Kyushu Operation Center is located, is rich in groundwater and uses well water.
      We reduced use of well water by 400 tons per year by construction of a CE tank evaporator de-icing mechanism that uses rainwater and wastewater from the factory.

  • Biological Diversity Action Guideline

    • Biological Diversity Action Guideline

      Tera Probe respects the Charter and frameworks on biodiversity and establishes action guideline to conserve biodiversity under our recognition that biodiversity is an important foundation for a sustainable and prosperous society.

      1. We will enhance awareness of the importance of biodiversity conservation and encourage voluntary activities through educational activities for employees based on the understanding that it is important to develop human resources as its practitioner in order to penetrate biodiversity conservation into the society.
      2. We will accelerate green procurement in light of biodiversity, with recognizing its impact of the entire supply chain, including procurement of equipment.
      3. We will strive to conserve biodiversity in forests, rivers, and oceans through communication and collaboration with local communities, schools, and government agencies.
      4. We actively disclose information on our biodiversity conservation efforts and promote those sharing with stakeholders.