• Support for Next Generation Development

    • Social learning

      We offer the opportunities for social learning such as lecture at school as well as factory window tours that allow elementary, middle, and high school students at Ashikita-machi to see the work process.
      Not only students but also their parents participated in those events and learned about the importance of semiconductor testing and attractive cutting-edge technology.
      Unfortunately, we had to temporarily suspend those events due to the COVID-19 infection, we resumed those events with due attention and care for their safety.

    • Support for intellectual education at community

      We presented toys to children's facilities for the development of children in the community.

      InFY2023: Yunoura Nursery School

      InFY2022: Yunoura Children’s Hall

      InFY2021: Ashikita-machi Sogo Community Center

  • Reduction of food loss

    • Purchase salad onions grown by high school students

      We contribute to the promotion of local production for local consumption through purchase of “salad onions,” a specialty product of Kumamoto, grown by the agriculture course of Ashikita High School, and distribution them to our employees.
      We began purchasing those products when we got aware of the possibility of food loss due to reduction of sales opportunities caused by the spread of the COVID-19infection.
      They were so delicious and well received by our employees that we have increasingly purchased them each year.